Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost There; Just the Two of Us

Throwing caution, kids, and dogs into the wind, Hubster and I are going to Walt Disney World, just the two of us!  (not to worry, the kids & dogs are actually going to Grandma & Grandpa's & friends' houses) 

We are celebrating 15 years of marriage next week.  In that time we've moved six times, driven five different cars, been involved with four different churches, had three kids and two and a half dogs {no partridge or pear, but we do have a plum tree...}

In keeping with the number theme, I googled a few fun facts about Disney:

I thought I hated laundry... Disney Cast Members wash an average of 285,000 pounds of laundry each day!  If you or I were to wash and dry one load a day, it would take 52 years just to do what Disney does in a single day. Over 15 years, that's 1,560,375,000 pounds to be washed.  {Yeah, we'd be dust before we could wash that much.}

I'm a Coca Cola girl, but yikes!  75 million Cokes are consumed every year in Walt Disney World.  That's 1,125,000,000 Cokes over 15 years.

Trivia Question!  The Lost & Found is a busy place in the Disney Parks.  Can you guess the number one lost item?  ( I'll bet you get it!  The answer is at the end of the post)

In any given day, Disney's Photo Pass Photographers take between 100,000 & 200,000 pictures.  In 15 years, that would add up to 547,500,000 - 1,095,000,000 pictures.  Even the most die-hard scrap-booker must get a little shaky thinking about all those shots!  {and all that editing!}

Have you ever had a Turkey Leg in a Disney Park?  Perhaps you've seen others gnawing away like they'd been transported from a medieval theme park show.  Seriously, if Costco made turkey legs, this is the size they'd be.  They're HUGE!  (and one of my favorite uniquely Disney treats)  Well, 1.6 million of the banquets-to-go are gnashed on each year between the four theme parks.  That's an even 24 mil. in 15 years.  Pass the cranberry sauce!

Remember the 80's movie, Can't Buy Me Love?  The protagonist, Ronald Miller,  mows 331 miles of lawns for his summer job to raise money for a new telescope.  Well, he'd still be riding if he were mowing the Disney grounds.  Each year, 450,000 miles are mowed on property.  That's 6,750,000 miles in 15 years.

Honey, I love you.  There's no one I'd rather be on this journey with than you.  Here's to another 15, and 15 after that, then 15 more...don't you think we could even squeeze in another 15?


Trivia Answer!  Among the lost, hats are in second place with an average of 18,000 a year.  6,000 missing cell phones and 3,500 where'd-I-put-that digital cameras must equal a lot of bummed-out vacationers.  But the number one lost item, at an average 76,650 lost each year?  Sunglasses!  (I bet you got that, right?)
Guy Patterson, AKA Shades
That Thing You Do
Best. Movie. Ever.
{Well, at least in my top 5}

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  1. What a fun and really GREAT 15th anniversary blog, Heather E. - Sorry I didn't comment sooner but it's kind of cool to look at your excitement in prep for the wonderful trip that I NOW know that you had! A super celebration filled with special memories for the two of you! And I second the multiples of 15 for the future =)


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