Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost There; Hotel Soaps

Who doesn't like hotel soaps & travel-ly things?  Is it just me, or do you come home from trips laden with the little goodies from the bathroom counter?  I don't travel enough for the novelty to have worn off.  Every time I stay in a hotel I'm like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, "My Precious!"  I don't use a shower cap.  Ever.  But I have about ten under my bathroom sink.  It's almost compulsory.  You visit a hotel, you take all the toiletries home and stash them under the sink for a decade or two.  Not to use, just to have.

Not so with Disney soaps & lotions!  I adore Disney Spa products.  On our recent trip to WDW in Orlando, we tried their H20 Aquatics line.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Most ordinary hotel shampoos make my hair wad up like I had used super-glue rather than a perfumed cleansing agent.  (Thus their 'home' under my sink.)  The H20 shampoo was heavenly.  I have never felt more like one of those flippy-haired women in the shampoo commercials.  It was seriously soft and floaty hair.  That alone is worth the price of admission.

Great news, I checked online and you can actually buy the full-size versions of the Walt Disney Resorts line!  And, they're quite reasonably priced.  The bath gel, of which I used up all my little bottles within the first two weeks of being home (made the best bubble baths!), is just $9.  Click here to go to the Disney section of H20's site.  I didn't recieve anything for saying that... I just really like the product.

Have you noticed that smells can take you back to a certain place or time?  For me, certain soaps and lotions tend to do that.  {It's like I'm almost there!}  One of my favorite Disney places is the Paradise Pier Hotel.  It is our hotel of choice when we visit Disneyland.  Just look how cute their bottles are!

Post-Script~ Actually, I have been much better (read: less Gollum-y) about my hotel soaps lately.  The change was sparked a couple of years ago some family friends got together and made give away bags for the homeless.  We put some water bottles & candy bars, hand sanitizer & miscellaneous personal care items into gallon-size ziplock bags.  Then, we'd keep several in our cars and if we came across someone in need, we'd have something to give.   {Warm, dry socks in the winter & chapstick/sunblock in the summer are especially nice.}

That got me thinking, if I found myself without a roof over my head, I probably wouldn't be carrying around full-size soaps.  So rather than hording my little travel trophies, I began packaging the soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions in sandwich-size ziplock bags, to go in the larger bags.  Easy-peasy and they're ready to share with someone who doesn't have a bathroom sink.  {But not the shower caps... those are still under my sink.}

Once, we stayed at a 'downtown' hotel which was, itself, very nice.  It was in a, shall we say, transitional part of town.  There was a mix-up at check in and as a reward for our patience we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite.  The toiletries there were fabulous!  They had everything under the sun... Bath & Body Works soaps & lotions, toothbrushes & toothpaste, dental floss & mouth wash, his and hers deodorant, sunblock, sewing kit & of course, shower cap! 

I remembered that on the walk from the gated parking lot to the lobby, there were several down-and-out folks on the other side of the fence.  Before checkout the next morning, we took all the countertop goodies, a couple of those wrapped, disposable plastic cups, and put them in the ice-bucket liners.  Voila!  Instant give away bag.


I don't presume to know what it is like to be homeless.  I don't know if receiving bags of stuff from strangers is truly helpful, or simply another reminder of the divide in our current situations in life.  I do know I like to be able to wash up, to drink clean water when I'm thirsty, and to have a piece of chocolate every now and then.  (Okay, more now than then...)

If, at the core, we're not all that different from one another, then perhaps there is appreciation in the offering.  It might not always feel like it with whatever stressors we may be dealing with at the moment, but to many people in the world our lives look like another day in paradise. {pier or otherwise}

Post-Post-Script~  I just choked on my bagel.  After reading this post to my family for constructive feedback, My husband said, "Or you could spend ten bucks to have your own cookie-cutter like stamp made, with your own logo for your new super-duper soap store, melt off the top layer of the hotel soap with their emblem, and then rebrand the soap with your own.  Wrap it up in fancy tissue paper or something, and you're in business." 

Then he said that last part reminded him of a Phil Collins song.  He thought it was a bit sappy.  Sorry. 



  1. *hahaha* so funny... the whole time I was reading this post made me think of Ross, from Friends, when he was getting his money's worth out of the hotel (taking the extra roles of t.p. , shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and of course the shower cap:D)
    ps lovely pictures (btw)!

  2. Thank you, Allie! Lol, yes, I remember that episode now! Gotta love David Schwimmer ;0)


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