Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost There; Vacation Motivation

I broke a nail buttoning my pants last week.  That can't be good. 

I have gone down one shade of Cover Girl foundation.  Good-bye Creamy Natural 220, Hello Classic Ivory 210.  I'm one mere shade-group away from joining Snow White. 

Let's face it, the vacation's over.

Recently, my husband said casually in passing, "Oh, I may have to go back to Southern Ca. soon."  Instead of excitement, and visions of palm trees dancing in my head, I was filled with dread.  Images of future pictures flashed before my eyes.  Adjectives like "pasty" & "doughy" induced a cringe.  "How soon?"  I asked.  "I don't know, a couple of weeks, a month?"  {silent scream inside my head}

I'm not even close to vacation-ready! 

I am a motivation-oriented kinda gal.  If there's a focus, a goal, I'm there.  Going to Florida?  Yay!  I'll expedite the fast songs to the top of my ipod playlist & hit the gym.  Best friend's getting married?  Mazel Tov!  I'll grab my Weight Watcher's points journal and stick with it until the wedding. 
The tan shop girls always ask me, "So where are you going this time?" because I only show up in a last ditch effort to look 'local' for my future destination. 

But with no vacation, no wedding, no particular motivation on the horizon, I find myself at a loss.

That led me to thinking, what if I lived my life with Vacation Motivation?  What if I adjusted my thinking to always pass on that second breadstick, haul tail to the gym even if it's 45 degrees and raining, frequent the tan shop a little more often...  It would be like I was almost there!

In the mean-time, I'm sending an open letter of gratitude for the person responsible for stretchy jeans.  God bless the Poly-Spandex blend!

See you at the gym!
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